These felted hats are knitted or crocheted in pure wool, and felted in the washing machine by being washed on a boil cycle. This process makes the wool fibres shrink and felt together. They are then stretched on antique hat blocks and, once dried, the millinery trims and embellishments are added. They are extremely warm and light, and virtually waterproof. Suitable for all ages and face shapes.Once you've tried these, you'll be a convert!

Small blue/terracotta felted hat. 21.5"/54 cms circumference. £22.00 . P+P = £6.95

Felted hat with brim and crocheted flower trim.25"/63.5 cms circumference. £27.00. P+P = £6.95 

Blue marl felted hat with embroidery.  23"/ 68 cms circumference. £27.00. P+P = £6.95

Brown/green striped felted hat. 24"/ 61 cms circumference. £22.00. P+P = £6.95

Turquoise/rust/black felted hat . 24"/ 61 cms circumference. £24.00. P+P = £6.95

Red/brown felted hat with silk flower trim. 22"/ 58 cms circumference. £22.00. P+P = £6.95

Pink marl felted hat with crocheted flower.21"/54 cms circumference. £24.00 plus £6.95 p+p.

Pastel stripes felted hat. 23"/58.5 cms circumference. £22.00 plus £6.95 p+p.

Pastel stripes felted hat 21"/53 cms circumference. £24.00 plus £6.95 p+p.

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