These knitted hats are versatile casual wear. Made from soft, durable, machine washable acrylic for everyday practicality and each one is a one of a kind: you won't see anyone else with the same hat! 

Enfys - Rainbow

Slouch beanie with hand embroidery.Available in purple/lurex or grey/multi..Please e-mail for colour choice no. £19.00. UK P+P = £3.95

Awel - Breeze

Striped slouch beanie. Available in pinks,+ red/grey/khaki.. Please e-mail colour choice no.£20.00. P+P = £3.95

Cerdd - Poem
fair isle beret
assorted berets

Fair Isle beret available in bottle or purple (M-L) and heather or mustard. (S-M).£18.00. P+P = £3.95 

Adlas - Echo
asstd fair isle adlas beanies

Fair Isle beanie. Available in pink,stone and grey(small-med) , and purple and black (Med-Large) . £20.00. .P+P= £3.95  

Gwyfyn -Moth

Chunky knitted hat with 2 pom poms. £18.00  p+p = £3.95.

Teg - Fair

Chunky headband. M-L available in mustard marl and cream marl. S-M available in denim marl and blue marl.Please e-mail for colourway choice number.. £8.00. P+P = £3.95

Cath - Cat

Kitty hat.Available in red/gold, or grren marl, mustard marl, or pink marl (1-3) Please e-mail for colour choice number.£15.00. P+P = £3.95 ***No. 4 = SOLD***

Niwlog - Misty
Fair Isle roll brim hat

Fair Isle roll brim hat. Available in blue mix and purple mix. Please e-mail for colour choice no.£20.00 plus £3.95 UK p+p.

Sbryd - Spirit
asstd pixie hoods

Ex chunky adult sized hood. Available in red/brown or purples. Please e-mail colour choice. £25.00. UK p+p = £3.95