Hand knitted socks are a real luxury. With wellies or boots,or just lounging by the fire, these socks will keep you warm as toast. They have the added benefit of being made from soft, warm, durable acrylic and are therefore machine washable and very hard wearing.  

To ensure the right fit, please check the measurements provided.These are the foot lengths unstretched (there is approxinately 3 cms/1.5" stretch in the length of the foot, but the extra chunky ankle socks have 1-2 cms stretch). Due to the nature of the garment I can only accept returns if faulty, and in unused condition. Thank you. 

Gwanwyn - Spring
red/black striped socks
pink/black striped socks
brown/coral striped socks
green/black striped socks
yellow/green striped ocks

Red/black, UK size 3-5. Foot length 20 cms/8"£17.00.UK P+P = £3.95

Pink/black. UK size 5-7. Foot length = 22cms/8.75".£18.00. UK P+P = £3.95

Brown/coral. UK size 7-9.Foot length 23 cms/9 ". £18.00. UK P+P = £3.95 

Green/black. UK size 5-7. Foot length = 22cns/ 8.75". £18.00. UK P+P = £3.95

Yellow/green. UK size 5-7. Foot length= 22cns/8.75" £18.00. UK P+P = £3.95.

Hydref - Autumn
002 (5).JPG
Striped socks pink + black 012.JPG
grey socks

Red/blue trim socks. UK size 7-9.Foot length 23 cms/9".£19.00.UK P+P = £3.95

Stone/heather with button + bow trim. UK size 4-6.Foot length = 21 cms/ 8.75". £19.00 UK P+P = £3.95

Grey/pink. UK size 5-7.Foot length 20 cms/8".£18.00. UK P+P = £3.95

Gaeaf - Winter

Extra chunky socks. UK size 4-5 (foot length 23cms/9"). Available in yellow/navy marl and yellow/cream marl. £20.00. UK p+p = £3.95



Extra chunky socks.UK size 5-6 (foot lemgth24 cms/9.5".) £20.00. Available in brown marl, grey/red/navy or,green/purple marl ,or heather/mustard marl.. UK P+P = £3.95





Extra chunky socks, UK size 6-7(Foot length 25.5 cms/10."). Available in cream/pink/red marl, and blue/grey marl.£20.00. UK P+P =£3.95 



Extra chunky socks. UK size 7-8 (foot length 27 cms/10.5".) Available in red/cream/yellow marl.£20.00. UK P+P = £3.95 **SOLD**

ex chunky socks 8-9

Extra chunky socks, white/stone marl.UK size 8-9(Foot length 28 cms/11"). £21.00. UK P+P = £3.95

Extra chunky socks.UK size9-10 (fot length 30 cms/12".)£21.00.Available in red/cream/navy marl.UK P+P = £3.95.**SOLD**